Many would say that it takes courage and a deep understanding of oneself to make a significant career change. One person who understands this well is Stirling Cooper. The renowned entrepreneur has made a name for himself by being unafraid to traverse the unexpected path, shifting his career from adult entertainment to providing advice on bedroom performance issues. However, this unique journey did not happen overnight. The seeds were sown during Cooper’s time in the adult industry, when he began to receive a steady influx of messages from men who were having troubles in the bedroom.

Cooper recalls, “I started to reply to everyone I could, and I eventually realized that the average guy was facing a lot of problems in his love life.” This inspired him to write his first book, aimed at passing on the valuable insight he had garnered during his five-year stint in the adult industry. With a unique blend of knowledge from his backgrounds in science, teaching, and the adult entertainment industry, he set out on a new venture – bedroom performance coaching.

Stirling Cooper

In a short span of time, Cooper’s coaching venture has evolved into a full-fledged business that addresses a range of bedroom performance issues. The business offers guidance to men across the globe, helping them navigate their personal challenges and improve their relationships. It’s a testament to Cooper’s innovative approach that he was able to identify a gap in the market and fill it with a service that not only provides practical solutions but also fosters open conversation around a typically taboo topic.

Reflecting on his journey, Cooper adds, “My combined backgrounds in science, teaching, and my former career proved to be a perfect combination for combating bedroom performance issues.” This journey from adult entertainment to bedroom coaching embodies Cooper’s courage and his keen eye for identifying unique business opportunities. It serves as an inspiration to all who dare to forge their own path, regardless of how unconventional it may seem.

Article written in partnership with Tom White