15 Years LaterSee What Jason Statham and the Cast of ‘The Transporter’ Franchise Are Up To Today!

It’s hard to believe it has been 15 years since Jason Statham took on the role of Frank Martin and did what he had to do to deliver his “packages.”Jason was eventually replaced by Ed Skrein in the fourth installment of The Transporter franchise, but the rules never changed: no names, no questions, and no renegotiations.

Nearly two decades later, we still find ourselves watching the action movie — and we’re not alone. “I’ve said for years, I’d like to see a movie with Jason Bourne vs The Transporter,” one fan recently tweeted before another added, “The Transporter because anything with Jason Statham in it is a win for me!”

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20th Century Fox

In the latest film in 2015, Ed takes on the character of Frank and is back behind the wheel for Anna and her sidekicks as they try to take revenge on Russian kingpin and human trafficker Arkady Karasov, played by Radivoje Bukvić. The film also stars Ray Stevenson, Loan Chabanol, and Gabriella Wright.

“Frank Martin is on the thin line of morality. By not handling weapons, by not murdering people with guns, it means he stays on the positive side of the moral divide,” Ed said of his character. However, he did admit he has never met his predecessor Jason. “I tried to reach out respectfully, but I couldn’t get through to him. I was a fan of his work with [director] Guy Ritchie and he was fantastic in this role, but it was important not to dwell on what he did in shaping the character.”

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