This relationship is moving at the speed of light, but that’s how The Weeknd likes it! The 27-year-old singer has been dating Selena Gomez for less than a year, but it didn’t take him that long to realize that she’s The One. “After just a few weeks of dating, The Weeknd already knew that he and Selena had something super special,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “Even though he knew it sounded crazy, the day after his first date with Selena, Abel vowed to [his best friend Lamar Taylor] that he had met the girl he was going to marry. The more he’s gotten to know Selena, the more sure of that he becomes.”

That’s why it may not be too much longer until the “Starboy” puts a ring on it! “Abel doesn’t want to rush things. He wants to plan a proposal that’s going to blow Selena’s mind,” said the source. “The past few months have been kind of stressful with Selena’s kidney transplant operation and all, but now that the worst is over, and she’s well on the road to a full recovery, Abel can focus on finishing off the last leg of his tour, and then concentrate on the how, when, and where to propose.” Wow, The Weeknd’s tour ends on Dec. 14, so that could only be a couple of months away!

It’s crazy to think that The Weeknd could be so in love with Selena already, especially since he started dating her just two months after he split from his girlfriend of two years, Bella Hadid. Apparently, Selena is different. “Abel’s been in love before, and he’s been in lust on a whole bunch of occasions — but his feelings for Selena are in a whole other league,” said the insider.

One thing that could potentially cramp his style? Justin Bieber, obviously! Selena recently reconnected with her first love after he reached out to her mom to apologize and make sure she was okay after her kidney transplant, Life & Style learned exclusively. “They’ve been texting [more], talking, and even making plans to meet up,” explained our insider. Understandably, The Weeknd is a little bothered, but Selly tells friends “she believes she and Justin are adults now and can finally be friends.” But if we’ve learned anything from the past, it’s that every time these two start talking, emotions get involved. Hopefully The Weeknd can make his move before Justin tries anything funny!