1999 was a simpler time in politics. We didn’t have Facebook, or people mining for your Facebook info. There were no presidents or vice president threatening to beat each other up. And — perhaps the best part — is that Jed Bartlet was in the Oval Office. At least the fictional Oval Office in one of TV’s best shows of all time, The West Wing!

The stars of the beloved political drama have remained tight — and politically active! Several members of the cast — Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Mary McCormack, Janel Maloney, and Jimmy Smits — recently reunited to film a PSA for the organization Let America Vote. In the two-minute video, they urge Americans to take action against the voter suppression policies that will likely affect the upcoming midterm elections. Check out the PSA in the video below!

In the video, they remind voters/fans, “Every elligible American should be able to cast a ballot — without having to jump through hoops; without having to knock down ballots.

This is hardly the first time the cast has reunited for an important cause. In the past, they celebrated “Big Block of Cheese Days” — a tradition in the Bartlet administration, honoring an event started by President Andrew Jackson. In real life, however, the stars came together and teamed up with Obama’s White House to digitally “open the doors” to the public who had questions and suggestions for the White House. Additionally, the cast joined forces to film a PSA when Mary McCormack’s — aka Kate Harper — real life sister was running to be a Justice on Michigan’s Supreme Court (she won, BTW!).

And if you’re hoping that The West Wing reunites for real — you’re in good company! In an interview with The Independent, recent Oscar winner Allison Janney — who said filming the show was “some of the happiest days of [her] life” — explained how she’s still friends with the cast, and that, in this harsh political climate, we could use The West Wing now more than ever.

“[The cast] are some of my favorite people on this planet that I still consider great friends. I was fully aware of how cool it was to be a part of that show, and it only gets cooler with age, especially now with what’s going on in our country,” she gushed. “It makes so many people saf what’s going on. It’s even more important that… I wish that we could come back and do The West Wing… We need to do a West Wing reunion.”

From your mouth to Aaron Sorkin’s ears!