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See Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, and the Cast of ‘The Wire’ 10 Years After the Finale!

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the finale of the HBO series The Wire! Since the show has come to an end, many of the show’s stars have gone on to attain superstar status, including Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan.

However, not even a decade can diminish the memories these actors cherish from their time (albeit too short) on the show. Michael recently recounted his heartbreaking death scene on The Wire — and admits even he didn’t see his character’s end coming. “That death scene is something people always come up to me and talk about and say how they were crying and how much it affected them,” he told Vulture earlier this year. “Years later. It’s just a testament to the writing and the crazy performance. It was awesome.” TBH, we’re still not over it.

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As for Idris, whose Stringer Bell remains one of the most iconic TV characters ever, he still embraces how the show didn’t sugarcoat the reality they were portraying. “I have a problem with the glorification of a drug dealer and America is fascinated with that world,” he said of his character at a Q&A. “We’re celebrating the very f–king problem that America has in its hood. But Stringer Bell was no role model. He ruled the people who worked for him through fear. So it was good that Stringer died.”

Of course, fans might not realize how many years have passed thanks to HBO NOW, where you can stream the entire series and rewatch it as many times as they want. We think it’s time for another binge-watching session — it’s considered the best show ever for a reason.

Michael and Idris are not the only stars that have been super busy since the show ended! Scroll through the gallery below to see what everyone’s up to now.