Fans have been waiting all summer, but it’s finally here — season two of This Is Us returns Sept. 26! And although viewers have been waiting all summer to find out what happened to Jack or what’s going to happen to Kate and Toby, many overeager fans have been keeping themselves busy by coming up with some pretty creative theories to all the cliffhangers. Although a few of them are seriously far-fetched, others are surprisingly plausible. From the best speculations about Jack’s death to theories about the twins’ real father, watch the video below to see fans’ craziest guesses about season two.

Although fans have drummed up some pretty clever speculations to Jack and his present-day whereabouts, there are some that are just too crazy to even entertain. A couple of the most popular theories have even made it back to the cast, who have, in a vague way, tried to debunk many of the more insane ones.

Both Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have denied the “Miguel killed Jack” theory. “Oh my God. No way. People are bananas,” Mandy told E! News. “That is crazy.” Milo seconded the “Miguel is a killer” prediction. “I enjoyed that one just because it feels so far-fetched and a bit ridiculous,” he said during the ATX Television Festival panel. “Because Miguel is Jack’s best friend!”

We agree that it’s a little out there, but we still don’t trust Miguel!