Days later, This Is Us fans still haven't recovered from what is being dubbed the "vending machine scene." Sunday night's episode — "Super Bowl Sunday" — finally provided viewers with answers to how Jack Pearson died, but left them completely heartbroken over the surprising turn-of-events.

Mandy Moore (who plays Rebecca Pearson) gave an Emmy-worthy performance when she was notified that her husband (played by Milo Ventimiglia) had passed away in the ER from a heart attack. Her character was in shock after hearing the news and then frantically began to look for him, only to find his lifeless body in a hospital room.

“I had no idea, and apparently that was the first take that they used — when I see him, when I see his body," Mandy revealed in a behind-the-scenes video "I didn’t know he was going to be there, so it was all the more jarring and upsetting and just indescribably sad. All of it felt so otherworldly to shoot… because we’ve built the lives of these characters together for two years… when it came down to really doing it, it was hard to let go.”

After watching (probably like 100 times, tbh) fans think they've picked up on another significant moment from the memorable scene. "Am I the only one that got CHILLS when Rebecca was at the vending machine and there was a whisper that sounded like Jack's voice?" one fan tweeted.

And it looks like Jack might have been really calling out to his wife. Milo told Variety, "The moment at the vending machine where you hear 'Bec,' that was something that was questionable if it was something ethereal or something that was real. That’s something that I think is up for interpretation by the audience." And, if the idea of Jack calling out to Rebecca in his final breath completely wrecks you — you're not alone. Make sure you stock up on the tissues before tonight's episode!