Prior to Sunday night's highly-anticipated This Is Us episode, Milo Ventimiglia, 39, asked fans to "forgive" — aka to finally stop hating on Crock-Pot! "The big game is fast approaching and for many of us, this day brings us an opportunity to gather with friends and family, loved ones we don't get to see all that often," Milo — who plays Jack Pearson on the hit show — said in an ad during the Super Bowl.

He continued, "But in 2018, gathering friends and family, well, it's not as easy as what it used to be. The country is divided. Sometimes that can make it tough to find common ground, but this year… this year, I think we should all take a deep breath, find the ability to forgive, and remind ourselves there is no difference so great that we can’t overcome it," the Gilmore Girls alum concluded, before scooping chili out of a Crock-Pot into a bowl.

The clip is in response to the show's Jan. 23 episode where Jack turns off the family's Crock-Pot, but due to a faulty switch, the slow cooker turns back on and starts a fire. Following the episode, angry fans tweeted about Crock-Pots, with many saying they now refuse to use the household appliance.

As a result, Crock-Pot released a lengthy statement, reassuring viewers that the product is safe to use. "Crock-Pot understands the concerns brought up by the recent episode of This Is Us, and we too are heartbroken by the latest development in Jack’s storyline. However, it is important that our consumers understand and have confidence that all Crock-Pot slow cookers exceed all internal testing protocols and all applicable industry safety standards and regulations as verified by independent third-party testing labs," the statement read.

"For nearly 50 years, with over 100 million Crock-Pots sold, we have never received any consumer complaints similar to the fictional events portrayed in last night’s episode. In fact, the safety and design of our product renders this type of event nearly impossible. Our hope is that the team at NBC’s This Is Us will help us spread factual information regarding our product’s safety. While we know their primary mission is to entertain – something they have continued to excel in – we also feel they have a responsibility to inform. Just like many fans, we will be watching next week’s episode to see how Jack's story progresses and, regardless of the outcome, we want consumers first and foremost to know they are safe when using their Crock-Pot."

Series creator Dan Fogelman tweeted, "Taking a moment to remind everyone that it was a 20-year-old fictional crockpot with an already funky switch? Let’s not just lump all those lovely hardworking crockpots together."

Despite last night's devastating episode, fans can take comfort in knowing it's not the last you'll see of Jack. Milo tweeted, "Just so everyone knows it… #JackPearson lives in all of our hearts. He’s you. He’s me. He’s Us. Thank you all for supporting our show. We love you all 🙂 And this isn’t the end of Jack. Stay tuned. #ThisIsUs. MV."

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.