Over the last year-and-a-half, we’ve become mildly obsessed with the NBC series This Is Us. And there came a point where we just had to ask: Does Milo Ventimiglia have a wife? (PLEASE let the answer be no!) The good news is that the 40-year-old isn’t married, but last we checked, he’s dating a gorgeous brunette named Kelly Egarian, and even brought her to the Emmy Awards last year.

Despite their red-carpet appearance, Milo likes to keep his personal life separate from his professional life. “I try to minimize myself so people can see the character and can really dive into the work,” the actor told People. “I try and remain as anonymous and invisible as I can so it doesn’t take away from the experience of the men that I play. I don’t know how interesting my life is any more than anyone else’s.”

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Milo with his TV wife, Mandy Moore. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Don’t worry — his preference for privacy doesn’t mean he’s not totally into Kelly. “When Milo and Kelly entered the [Emmys] theater, they paused at the top of the stairs so that Milo could take a selfie. He seemed to want to capture the moment for them,” an eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight of the duo’s date. “They then turned around to walk and find their seats with their arms around each other. Milo and Kelly were definitely not hiding that they were here together.”

Milo has yet to confirm he’s dating Kelly, but multiple outlets have reported seeing the pair together. A source told E! Online, “Before making their grand entrance on the red carpet, Milo leaned in and kissed her. It was sweet and cute. It was more than just a peck.” That sounds pretty relationship-y to us. To be honest, we’re a little crushed that Jack and Rebecca Pearson (the This Is Us couple played by Milo and Mandy Moore) aren’t an item IRL.

But, as it turns out, even if Milo was single and Mandy wasn’t engaged to Taylor Goldsmith, she still wouldn’t have a chance with the California native. The actor has admitted to dating co-stars in the past — Gilmore GirlsAlexis Bledel and HeroesHayden Panettiere, for example — but said he won’t do it again.

“There are things that happen to you in your life that shape who you are,” he told Mr. Porter. “Everything I’ve been through from jobs to friendships to partnerships, everything has built me to who I am. You learn from it. You learn a better way of doing things.” He doesn’t sound all that different from his This Is Us character! We bet he’ll make a great husband one day.