The Queen of Halloween (or should we say Hallo-Qween) strikes again! Heidi Klum pulled out all the stops when it came to her “Thriller” werewolf costume, which paid homage to Michael Jackson‘s iconic 1983 music video. However, some of her fans were a bit confused at first.

The supermodel teased the scary makeup on her Instagram page before her big reveal, and without the signature letterman jacket, many of her followers confused her werewolf for a hairy Disney character. “Beast from Beauty and the Beast,” one commenter guessed before another added, “Who is Belle?” Others thought she was Teen Wolf or just your standard Halloween monster.

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However, once she showed off her full look there was no denying Heidi, 44, hit the mark thanks to her posse of zombies. “You really outdid yourself!!!” one fan gushed while another wrote, “I wait for this holiday just to be sure Heidi slays it one more time!” Heidi decided to start throwing a mega Halloween party 18 years ago when she realized there was no place to really dress up in NYC.

“Halloween is so much fun because you get to be someone else,” she told EW. “I thought, ‘I really want to make this something special for people once a year to show their creative side and be someone else.’ Being dressed up and being someone else, it gives them a different kind of freedom to dance, be more outgoing, and just have a different time.”

For her “Thriller” look she admitted that she started planning it in June, and it took her team over 10 hours to complete. “I have to do something really cool and different,” she added. “I want to surprise people. I want to be creative. I also like to be unrecognizable.”

However, when it comes to her favorite look of all time, Heidi has to go with her old lady costume from 2013. “I thought it was cool to look in the mirror kind of thinking about, ‘What am I gonna look like if I’m lucky enough to turn 90 or 100 years old?'” she said. “That was my favorite costume.”

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