Move over, Kardashians — there's a new reality show cast we're obsessed with. Bravo's new series To Rome for Love follows the journeys of five eligible women who join love expert Diann Valentine and her team of professionals in Italy. Together, the group tackles their past relationship habits and international dating with the help of Italy's finest bachelors.

"I'm super excited about the show. I have been bringing women to Italy for the past five years, so for me, my career is about evolution and where do I go from here? After so many years, it made sense to start matchmaking and giving women advice on dating," Diann told TheGrio. "After spending so much time in Italy, I began to recognize how Italian men respond to African-American women. They find us very attractive. I think the stereotypes that exist in the US don't exist there."

She added, "I'm absolutely there for the women. I don't take on Italian men as clients, but we do go through an extensive vetting process for all the men where we meet their friends, families, kids, and check their backgrounds. We also want to know what kind of women they're attracted to. Some only like tall black women or dark-skinned black women. Everybody has their preferences. They both fit each others' qualifications."

And of course, when you find a new TV show to obsess over, half the fun is stalking your favorite cast members on social media. From Diann to her two assistants to the rest of the Season 1 cast, scroll down to see where you can follow the Bravo stars!