Love her or hate her, there is no denying Tomi Lahren knows how to get people talking. However, the Internet is currently trolling the Fox News star, not for her ultra-conservative views, but for her rumored plastic surgery. More specifically, a nose job.

A throwback photo of Tomi from her teen years has recently surfaced on social media — and let's just say that the 25-year-old pundit is nearly unrecognizable in the pic. The photo, taken from the Rapid City Journal, shows Tomi as a high school senior standing in front of a water park after applying for a job. Watch the video above to see Tomi before her rumored plastic surgery.

"Tomi Lahren pre-plastic surgery and prior to the creation of her Horcruxes," one person jokingly tweeted comparing Tomi to Voldemort. Another added, "I personally don’t agree with surgery, but Tomi Lahren sweetie, you did us all a favor."

However, the mean-spirited tweets didn't seem to faze Tomi, who did not deny the plastic surgery rumors but did remind her haters that she does not care what they think. "Haha y’all are constantly grasping at straws trying to hurt me but joke is on you," she wrote shortly after the photo went viral. "I have to respect you to care what you think about me. Here’s a little secret…ya ready… I don’t."

So, did anti-snowflake Tomi go under the knife? Life & Style reached out to plastic surgery experts who seem to agree that the blonde beauty did have some minor work done. "Very difficult to say because of the significant lighting and makeup difference between the two photos," Dr. Andrew Miller, who has never treated Tomi, said. "It looks like her nose is a bit thinner, and her brows are higher. The higher brows can be from either Botox or a brow lift, and the thinner nose would be from rhinoplasty."

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, who has also never treated Tomi, also suspects rhinoplasty and Botox, adding, "The tip is refined, and she has a nice scoop on her nose that she did not have before." Despite the obvious transformation, many of her followers came to her defense and called out those who were mocking her decision to undergo plastic surgery.

'I just need to say, I don't think Tomi Lahren got surgery. At most a nose job. It's makeup and 10 YEARS AGO. I'm still unsure why people CARE? Plastic surgery is fine," one fan wrote before another added. "People are passing around a photo of Tomi Lahren (the horrible racist Fox News piece of garbage) Except it's from before she had cosmetic surgery. Can we not shame people for getting cosmetic surgery? Can we acknowledge that is not a moral issue?"

Again, love her or hate her, bullying is never cool.