It’s no secret that Vanessa Trump made headlines last week after filing for divorce from Donald Trump, Jr. — but that hasn’t taken away from the recent plastic surgery speculation surrounding the mother-of-five. Fans noticed that Vanessa has undergone quite the transformation through the years — so Life & Style went to their experts with the question, “Did Vanessa Trump have plastic surgery?”

“Her forehead is flat and wrinkle free in both photos, making me suspect that she’s been using Botox, xeomin or dysport to prevent dynamic wrinkles on the forehead, as well as crow’s feet. If she’s had fillers in the mid-face area, it’s been small amounts, since she has more significant jowling than the before photo. She may have had a subtle lip augmentation with fillers, such as restylane,” said Gary Goldenberg, MD, who has never treated Vanessa. “I would recommend a bit of mid-face filler and microneedling with prp to improve contouring, pigmentation and sun damage, and fine wrinkles and lines.”

vanessa trump 2004-2016 getty images

Vanessa in 2004 (left) vs. Vanessa in 2016 (right).

Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich — an NYC-based board certified plastic surgeon who has also never treated her — chimed in with, “I see no evidence of any major surgical procedures, aside from a likely rhinoplasty done quite some time in the past. However, she is not a stranger to facial fillers and Botox. She most certainly had filler placed in the naso-labial folds and upper cheeks. Her lips appear to be enhanced and it’s quite likely that she had a filler placed along the jawline to maintain it’s smooth contour. Also, wrinkle-free skin of the forehead suggests regular use of Botox, which in her case appears completely natural — kudos to her facial plastic surgeon.”

We can’t help but wonder if we’ll see another glow up now that Vanessa is single — even though she obviously doesn’t need it. For more exclusive content, sign up for our Life & Style newsletter!