It’s easy to be unmotivated in the winter — hello, freezing weather! — but have no fear because Tone It Up’s Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn exclusively dishes on how to stay in shape all year around. For one, the ladies encourage everyone to download their app since “all of our workouts can be done in the space of your living room or hotel room,” Karena, 38, tells Life & Style exclusively. “You don’t have to go outside in the blustery wind. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, you can still get in, even in the winter months.”

Despite the temperatures dropping, the brunette babe advises people to still try to get outside in nature “to help your mood.” She adds, “One day, I was with a friend, I was like ‘Let’s go for a 10-15 minute walk.’ Once we were there, we stayed for an hour and a half in the snow. Just getting that motivation to get out. We say you’ll never regret a workout.”

Katrina Scott and Karena Drinking Wine
Courtesy of Katrina Scott/Instagram

Katrina, 36, also explains that accountability is key to fitting in a fitness session. “We feel like camaraderie is the best way to be motivated,” she reveals. “So, within the Tone It Up community, Instagram or texting a friend, kind of saying, ‘OK, let’s check-in with each other this week or do one of our home workouts.’ Anywhere where you can say, ‘OK, I am going to do this.’”

Of course, the mom of one knows it’s not always easy to connect with pals all the time, so she suggests “signing up for a class ahead of time.” She explains, “That way you’re like, ‘OK, I am on the schedule, I am paying for it, and I am going.’ It’s a promise to yourself — putting it in your calendar.” Karena and Katrina also think it’s great when people go to a studio because it’s an opportunity to “meet other people.”

While it might be scary to try something new, Karena — who recently launched a new 4-week series called Toned Body, Toned Mind on the app — says you might end up liking a different way to move your body. “Always do something you look forward to,” she says. “I am looking forward to getting out of comfort zone, but if you love yoga, and that’s your zone, then do it.”

“It’s kind of fun to try new things with someone, too,” Katrina reveals. “I don’t really long-distance run, and I am not a runner, but sometimes I like to go out for a slog, a slow jog, but you don’t have to love everything.”

At the end of the day, the entrepreneurs lean on one another for advice when they are not in the mood to sweat it out. “I declare what I am going to do to Karena, and she is like ‘OK.’ As soon as you start speaking it, then you can start speaking it into existence. So, just start saying things you want to achieve, and it actually ends up happening,” Katrina says. “It’s kind of like this statement — you say it out loud,” Karena echoes.

Katrina and Karena Scott Taking Mirror Picture
Courtesy of Katrina Scott/Instagram

These women sure know how to keep us inspired!