A transgender man from Oregon is pregnant with his first child.

Trystan Reese, who was born female, and his partner Biff Chaplow, are already parents to daughter Hailey and son Riley, whom they adopted from Chaplow’s sister in 2011. Now, the two dads are overjoyed to be adding to their brood with their own biological child, a son, due next month.

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The new arrival will be extra special given that the couple suffered a miscarriage last year.

pregnant transgender man facebook

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning, Trystan explained that the couple were “thrust” into parenthood after adopting their niece and nephew.

“I really wanted to keep growing our family and adopting more kids was not financially, I think, something we could do,” he explained. “We can definitely afford another child; I don’t know if we could afford another adoption. That legal process was very emotionally difficult for our family.”

He continued, “We thought, well, we actually have everything we need to grow our family on our own. I would need to stop taking testosterone and that’s what I did. I went and talked to a medical team and made sure that was advisable.”

Trystan, who has been a man for over 10 years, went on to explain it wasn’t that out of the ordinary for them. “We know this seems unique to probably a lot of your viewers, but in our community we actually know a lot of transgender men like me, so men who have the ability to carry a child who have done so and done so very successfully,” he shared.

pregnant transgender man facebook

“So while it’s something that might be new to you, in our community it’s actually not that groundbreaking or unique. The doctors said absolutely this is something you can do, there’s no reason you can’t have a happy and healthy pregnancy and it’s been really wonderful so far.”

Congrats to the soon-to-be family-of-five! This story originally appeared on Closer.