Rapper to rapper! It looks like Travis Scott is turning to fellow Kardashian baby daddy Kanye West for advice. The “Butterfly Effect” singer is about to become a father for the first time with Kylie Jenner — and he’s looking for any tips he can get on how to handle her pregnancy. Seems like Travis, 25, wants to be the best partner he can be to Kylie, 20.. And according to Hollywood Life, he’s turning to Ye for guidance.

“Travis has been getting advice from Kanye on the best way to help Kylie get through this, basically how to handle her pregnancy hormones,” an insider revealed. “Kim’s pregnancies were both very tough and Kanye struggled at first to say and do the right things. Kanye’s big piece of advice for Travis was that no matter where he is in the world Kylie needs his attention, and it has to be reliable.”

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And it looks like Travis has taken the advice to heart. He’s determined to make Kylie’s pregnancy as easy as it can be and is ready to help her in any way that he can.

“So now, every morning she wakes up to a message from him and then they usually FaceTime while she lays in bed,” the insider continued. “And it’s the same every night, even if he’s working in the studio when Kylie’s ready to go to bed she texts him and he’ll step out and take twenty minutes to talk to her. He is very attentive. And she gets flowers from him practically every day.”

We know that Kylie is definitely indulging her pregnancy cravings. The eating might be coming from the stress of Travis sparking recently cheating rumors. Because now Ky is determined to keep her man close to her during the rest of her pregnancy. “[Kylie is] planning on building a house for [Travis] next door to hers complete with high-tech security cameras that’ll report his every move,” a source said, adding that the she “doesn’t want him to live with her in her house, just have him nearby.” We hope Travis and Kylie both get through this pregnancy!