Article presented by Tom White

The startup gained notoriety in 2020 for creating the highest-grossing electronic PPV of all time with Tyson V Jones, for elevating fledgling YouTuber Jake Paul to the forefront of combat sports, and for making history when then-President Trump announced an impending ban on TkTok. Triller was widely believed to be the best alternative app to TikTok as clearly indicated by it becoming the number one app in the world and holding the unique distinction of becoming the only app to be number one simultaneously in 80 countries.

Bobby Sarnevesht, the co-founder chairman of Triller, announced that the company has been preparing this move for more than a year and is now launching an easy-to-use solution that will allow users to transfer their content from TikTok to Triller using the domain.

“You spoke we listened. We have had the benefit of basically having the world on Triller were able to take all of their critique, and in some criticism, and spend two years building the Triller eco-system around that, around the voice of the users. I don’t know of any company that has ever done that” said  Sarnevesht.

And busy they have been:  Over the past two years Triller has spent over $500 million building and buying technologies, companies and tools to create what they are calling “the perfect creators playground”.

“Triller is an ecosystem that is meant for one thing, to help creators, artist and influencers create, distribute and monetize their content in the broadest and most lucrative manner possible, while connecting influencers to their followers and influencers and creators directly to brands without big tech in the middle” Said Sarnevest.

The open-garden system of Triller ensures that creators receive more than 70% of the money in the influencer ecosystem, making it more of than simply a TikTok substitute. Additionally, creators can adequately monetize their content on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter thanks to Triller’s specialized AI toolset. Some noteworthy metrics

  • 93 billion social media events profiled in Q4 through its wholly owned sub Julius
  • 1.86 Billion User Actions/Engagements in Q4 through amplify and its product cliqz
  • 218 Million Total Total Video Views in Q4 across Triller app and its subs.
  • 2.1B Total User Actions in Q4 Across Triller app and its subs
  • 120M Users seen on platform across triller app and its subs
  • Total number of creators on platform in Q4: 2.4M
  • Total number of brands on platform in Q4: 4,566
  • Total events on platform in Q4: 604
  • 4 of the top 10 biggest Instagram Live events ever
  • Over 20B conversations with more than 1/2 Billion users through its subs and AI

Triller is a more appealing option for content creators looking to promote their content because it lacks TikTok’s closed-garden system, which restricts creator access to the majority of their audience unless the creator is compensated by the company or retains all of the brand revenue. Whether there is a ban or not, Triller appears to be TikTok’s replacement because it offers all of its features but much more in the way of monetization.

“Ban or no ban we are replacing TikTok-we have all the functionality they and can do what they do, only better and because we can do many things that they are unable to do. Even though we share the exact features and functions, our business model is completely different from TikTok’s. Instead of attempting to get between creators and their ability to monetize their audience by acting as a roadblock- we build them a bridge to the virtual “everywhere”. We want to encourage them to use all platforms and improve their monetization. Anyone who hasn’t played with Triller app lately and its subs will be pleasantly surprised as we’ve spent the last year working with the best engineers in the world to make it as good as it can be.

Now that the TikTok ban looks inevitable, Triller has opened up the portal, which is a a one click processes for users to relocate their TikTok account onto Triller, content and all, and, if a user has more than 500, 000 users on TikTok to actually relocate their exact screen name. Triller has seen a surge in new signups as the ban seems to become more prominent every day and has crossed the mark of over 450 million registered users.

The closed garden system used by social media networks like as TikTok is taking away most of the money from creators. Less than 1% of the over $500 billion dollars spent annually in the creator economy goes to the creators, while the social media networks take 99% of the earnings. This is a problem that not only exists on TikTok but across all economic networks like Instagram, Twitter, Snap, and YouTube.

Triller, on the other hand, operates under an “open- garden” system where more than 70% of the money in the influencer ecosystem goes to the creators. Triller ensures that their custom AI and toolset does the same for creators on other social networks like Instagram, Snap, YouTube, and Twitter, allowing creators to cross market on all their socials and wholly sell their content without intermediaries. This means that creators no longer have to pay social media networks to achieve their audience perfectly, and they have more control over their content.

One of the important features of the Triller ecosystem is its AI which comes by way of an acquisition it did in 2021 of amplify. ai, which sits across the whole Triller ecosystem. Amplify is embedded in Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Snap, Twitter, and many other public networks. This means that Triller’s AI is also embedded in all of the large social media networks. Triller also acquired the platofrmed Julius, one of the world’s largest influencer brand portals, which tracks over 2.5 million influencers across every major platform and connects them directly with the 25, 000 brands it has signed up. By doing so, Triller shed’s light on the economics of a closed garden system and the fact that it is very broken, created to empower and enrich only big tech at the expense of the creators. By joining Triller you are instantly part of all of Triller brand and creator product which breaks open that closed garden both on and off platform.

Triller’s open- garden system and its unique tools disrupt the walled garden system that some social media networks like TikTok have forced their influencers and creators to live in. This means that Triller’s system and model are also disrupting the current social media landscape and it’s clear that big tech and social media do not like it.

“They use their media voices and press control to try and hurt Triller at every stop. We are empowered by it every time they write a nasty article trying to attach our credibility we know we must have gotten under their skin or are hitting too close to home, as they only attack if we are a threat to them. And we are a real threat to social media’s entire business model “said Sarnevesht.

With Triller’s open- garden system, creators will no longer be held hostage by social media networks, and the economics of the current system will no longer be imbalanced.

Triller is the only major social media platform that is focused on giving more control to the creators and putting more money into their pockets while giving creators immediate access to and control of their audience. Almost every one of the world’s best hundred as creators have also made the switch to Triller and hundreds of the world’s biggest celebrities are activated on Triller.

Those influencers and creators who are using Triller’s brand tools are undoubtedly making multiples of what they make on TikTok.

It’s important to note that the AI Triller has implemented and is using has been and is currently being used by some of the largest brands in the world today and some of the largest democratic campaigns. Triller is currently generating 750 million interactions every single month, every one of them a significant transaction for a user or creator. Each one of those interactions, most important, is an opportunity for an influencer or creator on Triller to monetize it and make the creator money.

Triller’s solution for smooth integration of a user’s content on TikTok shows their determination to lead the way in the original creator economy. The closed garden system used by TikTok and most social media platforms will soon be a thing of the past as more creators and influencers move to open eco-systems like Triller.

Sanevesht concluded “imagine a world where your cell phone easily switched between any and every network in the world in the world and you get paid to use it, except for the carriers owned and controlled by the Chinese government of course. That is Triller “.

Most recently Triller shared it expected to be officially trading and has filed privately with the SEC through a special listing S- 1.