Baby Stormi Webster may be the first child Kylie Jenner has ever given birth to, but she's not the first kid Kylie's ever raised. That honor goes to Tyga and Blac Chyna's son King Cairo, who was only one year old when Kylie began dating his dad. For as long as he can remember, she carried him around, played with him, and even gave him a bedroom in her home! She was like a second mom to the now-five-year-old, despite her ongoing feud with his mom. But he hasn't seen Kylie much since she dumped Tyga for good, and now she's got her own baby to worry about. King misses Kylie, and a source tells Life & Style exclusively that he's not handling it well.

“King’s always asking Tyga, 'Where's Kylie?' He misses her," says the insider. "He misses her house, the toys, the fun excursions, and he really misses that pony Kylie gave him a few years ago for Christmas. She spoiled him rotten and like any kid, he misses that!" Sadly, Tyga has had to make up excuses as to why his former kinda-step-mom isn't around anymore, but King isn't having it. "Tyga often tells him he can’t go to Kylie’s because she’s busy or working and King throws the biggest tantrums ever."

Before having her own child, Kylie really did funnel all of her love and attention toward King. In 2016, she threw a massive Ferrari-themed birthday party for the little cutie at her house, complete with an amazing cake, carnival rides, and tons of friends and family. We can only imagine how extreme Stormi's first birthday will be in comparison!

The whole ordeal has Tyga regretting ever letting Kylie go. He had a perfect little family and he totally screwed it up. "That makes Tyga want Kylie even more," continued the friend. "She has a profound affect on both of them. Tyga and King are emotionally connected to her."

The family dynamics are certainly complicated now, because Kylie is also an aunt to King's sister Dream Kardashian, daughter of Rob Kardashian and Chyna. That means that Kylie's daughter Stormi is Dream's cousin, so she spends time with the family despite Blac's distaste for them. King, on the other hand, doesn't really have any connection to the family anymore. We're sure the KarJenner clan would gladly invite him to family events, but with Tyga being Kylie's ex and Blac hating her, it might be impossible to include him. Hopefully, with time, they'll all come back together as one big happy family.

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