She was rooting for you, Lindsay Lohan! (We were all rooting for you!) That is, until the troubled Disney star, 32, pulled out of reprising her role as Casey Stuart in the upcoming Life-Size sequel. Though we’ll see Tyra Banks starring as Eve in the flick set to hit our screens on Sunday, Dec. 2, the doll-come-to-life won’t be returning to her original owner. Instead, a new cast of characters will be coming in to have some super-sized, magical fun. But apparently, that wasn’t always the plan.

“I was talking to Lindsay for a while. We were DMing back and forth for months. She was pretty much going to do some type of cameo,” the America’s Next Top Model host, 44, tells Life & Style Magazine. “But she has her beach clubs in Europe and then she started an MTV show so she wasn’t able to do it, and we had to do a quick rewrite out.”

We guess the good news is that Lindsay passed because she’s too busy to take on the role, but the bad news is that it just won’t be Life-Size without her. After all, Casey and Eve had a real connection. Even though Eve turned back into a doll at the end of the flick, we can’t see Casey just giving her up unless it’s like a Toy Story 3 kind of situation. So is that what happened? Did Casey pass her special doll along as well as the magic spell that gave her the chance to be alive? Or is Tyra just playing a new Eve doll come to life?

She looked pretty familiar in the first Life-Size 2 teaser, but if we’re going by the “Be A Star 2” music video which dropped a few days ago, well, we’d have to place our bets on a new Eve strutting onto the scene. No offense to Freeform or anything, but, uh, that is not the Eve that we know. We don’t exactly remember the lyric “Eve be witchu day and night” from the original, but a Cardi B-inspired Eve would definitely be appropriate for the 2018 sequel, don’t you think?