She’s not going to sit by knowing that transgender people are still being bullied! Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee partnered with hair care brand Regenix to release a powerful anti-bullying PSA on June 17. “The thing is, bullies will always exist in our lives, but it gets better as we grow and love ourselves more,” the 35-year-old promised. “I want all my fellow survivors to know that they are rare, beautiful and special and that is why people have picked on us. Bullies are threatened by our differences. It gets better because we get stronger.”

Billie Lee and Regenix are also putting their money where their mouths are and donating to those struggling most. “This campaign was originally about making hair stronger. So, when I decided to partner with Regenix I thought, ‘Let’s incorporate the power of being strong into this anti-bullying campaign.’ They loved the idea and a campaign was born called Beauty Has No Gender,Billie Lee explained.They even created a product bundle for me to help raise money for my charity Equality California.”

Vanderpump Rules Cast
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Luckily, most of Billie Lee’s Pump Rules family has her back 100 percent. “Lisa [Vanderpump] has been a major supporter in my life and career,” she explained. “She always reminds me of how strong and beautiful I am. Even when I was being bullied at Sur, she would sit me down and say ‘Billie, darling you are better than this! You are stronger than these people and you have me by your side.'”

But Lisa is far from the only one to make her feel empowered. “My major supporters at Sur have always been Tom, Ariana, James, Raquel, Jesse Møntana, and the lovely Scheana Shay,” she explained. “I wouldn’t have lasted this long at Sur if it weren’t for them. They are so open-minded and have the biggest hearts.” Unfortunately, there are still some people who engage in negativity. Recently, Jax Taylor tweeted about how he “pretty much invited every gay person I knew, except Billy [sic],” so it sounds like all of her anti-bullying knowledge will continue to come in handy!