The Spice Girls Aren’t So Tall Without Platform Heels — See How They Stand Up

With rumors swirling that the Spice Girls are still positioning themselves for a comeback, we’ve taken our obsession with Victoria Beckham and the rest of the girls to a totally new height. In fact, we haven’t been this excited since the band’s reunion tour over a decade ago. With the girls stoking fans’ hope that they may still get back together, we’ve been listening to all their old hits, watching all their old music videos, and playing Spice World on loop. But doing all that kind of got us wondering — how tall exactly are the Spice Girls? We know, we know. It’s hard to care about anything other than a potential new tour. But one of the band’s hallmark fashion moves was wearing sky-high platform heels that totally threw off any attempt to even guess how tall they really were.

spice girls then

Well, we’re looking into the little mystery, because if the Spice Girls really are coming back — and we mean other than a new Spice Girls animated movie, though we couldn’t be more excited to make “girl power” into literal superpowers — we need to go full superfan. We need to know all their stats and favorite everything. Because when the girls come back full force (and in person, not just as voices in a studio), we’re going to be ready. To get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding each Spice Girl’s height, check out the gallery below.