It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham has got it all — a successful clothing line, a perfect family and glowing skin for days. Lucky for you, the brunette beauty’s dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, spilled all of his secrets about how to achieve a perfect complexion to Life & Style exclusively — and it’s pretty attainable!

“Victoria is a natural beauty and truly does not need much,” the Beverly Hills-based doctor revealed. “In terms of a daily skincare routine, she uses the three step Lancer Method: polish, cleanse and nourish. In addition, Victoria alternates between more targeted treatments containing Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid and Retinol, each of which address specific concerns such as wrinkles, firmness and hyperpigmentation. Her commitment to a regular high-quality skincare program is really the key to her healthy skin.”

Of course, in the colder months, the skin gets dehydrated and dry, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! “The key to keeping winter skin in top shape is to use products that garner and lock in moisture,” Dr. Lancer continued. “Using a hydrating oil during these months is incredibly important but be sure to stick to certain types like coconut and olive oil, which aren’t overly concentrated. There is also an opportunity to moisturize when applying makeup. During these months, it can be helpful to replace regular foundation with an active tinted moisturizer.”

Victoria Beckham Instagram Selfie
Courtesy of Victoria Beckham/Instagram

So, what should one’s daily skincare routine look like? According to Dr. Lancer, he makes sure all of his patients “exfoliate, cleanse and nourish daily.” He added, “I have them finish by applying sunblock, a step that should be taken 365 days per year, regardless of sun exposure and weather. It is also important to maintain a clean and proper diet that works best with your body, which can be different from person to person. Having a full night’s rest of at least six to eight hours and reducing stress creates a positive impact on the skin.”

While it may be a struggle to hit the gym when it’s freezing out, Dr. Lancer insists that it will only help brighten up your face. “Daily activity increases blood flow, which helps nourish skin cells,” he said. “Exercise also can aid acne-prone skin when used as a stress-reliever. I recommend about 30 minutes of daily varying motion and cardio, which can range anywhere from running and dancing to yoga.”

Additionally, eating the right foods is a must-do. “I recommend a meticulous diet low in salt, dairy, caffeine and carbs,” he shared. “I tell my patients to incorporate modes protein, leafy greens and dark fruits into their diets, which should be composed of four smaller meals per day.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Lancer recently launched two new products — The Soothe and Hydrate Serum and Clarifying Detox Mask — which will get you the results you want in no time. “The serum will reduce skin redness and evens out skin tone with Hyaluronic Acid. Skin will feel and appear instantly calmed, balanced and comforted,” he admitted. The mask “works best on oily, congested and acne-prone skin,” he said. “Skin will appear clear with blackheads, pores and rough texture visibly improved.”

Dr. Harold Lancer and Victoria Beckham
Courtesy of Dr. Harold Lancer/Instagram

Lastly, Dr. Lancer wants everyone to know that “consistency is key” when working on their routine. “It’s incredibly important to establish a consistent program that is performed daily — regardless of location — even while traveling. People often forget that frequency and regularity are the most important assets when aiming to achieve glowing and clear skin.”

Well, when it sounds as simple as that, how can we not try it? Hopefully, we are on the way to looking like Victoria — and that is most definitely something we can get behind.