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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kim Kardashian, and More Epic Celebrity Photos That Went Viral!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the age of the Internet, a viral photo may also be worth a thousand memes!

When Dwayne Johnson shared a flashback photo, he didn't expect it to blow up. Wearing a black turtleneck, silver chain, and matching fanny pack, the former WWE wrestler was nearly unrecognizable in the '90s.

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"Fanny pack and lean take it to a whole other level…" The Rock captioned the hilarious photo in 2014, which instantly went viral.

Fast forward a few years and Seth Rogen channeled The Rock's ensemble and even Liam Hemsworth even paid homage to the outfit while The Fast and Furious star looked on.

"I have an infamous picture of me in my 20s, and I was just owning this look," he said on The Graham Norton Show. "I had a turtleneck, I had mom jeans on, I was wearing a fanny pack… I think I'm cool here."

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He continued, "What I had my arm on was very dirty so I thought 'I need a tissue to protect the turtleneck.'

However, Dwayne is not the first celebrity to go viral thanks to an embarrassing, or in our opinion epic, photo.

The Matrix star Keanu Reeves sparked a meme when a photo of him sitting on a bench went viral — and was dubbed "Sad Keanu."

"It was funny," the actor said of the attention he received. "People started to do funny things with that "Sad Keanu." I'm not [sad]… I'm normal."

For more photos of celebrities that have gone viral, check out the gallery below!