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Take out the nose ring, laser off that tattoo, and toss away the choker necklace because all fads eventually disappear! That said, the chaos of COVID-19 has ushered in new trends and to remain at the cutting edge of the millennial craze, I reached out to some of the nation’s top cosmetic providers to get their opinions on a titillating new aesthetic request – nipple projection enhancement!

“I am getting a lot of inquiries about ‘nipple projection enhancements,’” says cosmetic dermatology specialist Dr. Lisa Espinoza. “They seem to revolve around a wave of going braless in shirts wanting the projection to be seen through their shirts. Filler injections can be used to enhance nipples in a meaningful way!”

“My patients tell me that the appearance of their nipples affects their self confidence,” adds cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin. “They feel that having well proportioned nipples adds to their sense of sensualness. Adjustment of small or flat Nipples is easy with a simple filler injection. Results are immediate and last a year or more!”

“Despite Instagram’s best attempts at nipple censorship, nipple enhancements have become a focal point for patients and surgeons alike, notes plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian. “During many breast lift procedures (a common part of the mommy makeover), areola and/or nipple reduction or enhancement is often performed to achieve the optimal balance between all parts of the breast.”

“I’ve absolutely seen an increase in demand for nipple enhancement,” says aesthetic specialist Dr. George Gavrila. “The uptick seems to be twofold: Patients want enhanced sensitivity and to appear sexy in both t-shirts and evening gowns!”

“Nipple enhancement is becoming more and more popular,” agrees plastic surgeon Dr. Gaurav Bharti. “A simple procedure can be used to correct an inverted nipple under local anesthesia. If you want your nipples to be more youthful fat grafting or the injection of a dermal filler can be used to give more projection and fill a deflated nipple!”

“While nipple enhancement may mean making the nipples more pronounced, over projection of nipples can be a major source of embarrassment and anxiety for some patients,” adds plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban. “Select patients can achieve a more attractive nipple through surgical correction and reduction. It is a quick, easy, and permanent solution for nipples that project too far out!”