Treat Yo SelfThis Flowchart Predicts Exactly What Gift You Should Buy for Yourself This Christmas

Still don’t know what you want for Christmas? It’s not surprising considering, hey, we’re not exactly kids anymore and gift-buying for others tends to take priority over spoiling ourselves. Of course, it’s almost the holidays, and you probably have wrapped up the majority of your shopping already (or at least we hope so). Why not switch gears and treat yourself? And in case you’re wondering where to start, we have the perfect tool to get you on the right track. Simply follow our flowchart quiz and let our super scientific algorithms (OK, not really) predict the presents you really want. The latest gadgets? Games? Adorable decorative pieces? Below, a chart to help you decide.

what do i want for christmas ls

See something you like? Learn more about the items featured in the chart below.