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What Does Whitney Thore’s Dad Do for a Living? Here’s What We Know About the ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star!

Now in its fourth season, TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has turned dancer and positive body image advocate Whitney Thore into a reality TV star — but it’s also accumulated a dedicated fanbase for her parents, Barbara and Glenn Thore!

The couple, known for spouting hilarious commentary about their daughter’s personal life, has become a popular fixture on the show, and viewers have become more and more invested in the family’s backstory, particularly Whitney’s dad and what he does for a living.

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Our detectives did some digging and have unearthed a few interesting facts about the patriarch, including what he does as a day job. The Greensboro resident currently works as a Corporate Manufacturing Manager at Millennium Print Group, a general commercial printer in Morrisville.

He previously worked as a VP and General Manager at PBM Graphics, as confirmed by a 2006 photo taken from

But it’s Glenn’s love for his daughter and concern over her health that’s really made him a fan favorite. In a 2015 Reddit thread, commenters praised the father-of-two. “What little I've seen of this series showed me that dad is insanely supportive and loving and giving,” one individual wrote, while another said, “I like her parents. They are hilarious. Also, they both seem like nice people and her dad seems to really care about her.”

And Whitney is clearly close to her father. She retweeted one user who wrote, “Loves me some Babs and Glenn. Their unconditional love for @WhitneyWay and Hunter is, in a word, FANTASTIC. Not everyone is so lucky!” as well as a tweet that said, “Your dad is the sweetest man!!!! Your [sic] truly blessed to have such a sweet supportive family!” He also helped the 32-year-old through her recent false positive pregnancy heartbreak.

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Whitney before her life-changing weight gain.