In the world of family-friendly Netflix options, the pickins’ are way too slim. That said, we came across the perfect post-Turkey Day series to binge-watch with all of your relatives. No worries, you can thank us later.

Titled Dogs, the six-part docuseries is legit everything anyone could want out of a good show: Tragedy, triumph, and of course, the world’s most perfect creatures… dogs! Each episode is just under an hour-long (ideal for the average American attention span) and deals with a new pup/group of pups every time. We don’t want to give too much away, but the first episode is a prime example of just how extraordinary this Netflix original is. 

“The Kid with a Dog” begins by introducing the viewer to a young girl named Corrine. Sadly, at just five-years-old, Corrine was diagnosed with epilepsy (a seizure disorder). In an effort to better the quality of Corrine’s life, her family decided that her best option was to get a service dog.

Believe it or not, through intense training, canines have the ability to smell/recognize when a human is having a seizure. In that capacity, getting Corrine a service dog wasn’t just about companionship, it was a matter of life or death. Throughout the episode, you’ll watch Corrine, as well as other special needs children and their families, get acquainted with their service pups. Needless to say, it’s an emotional rollercoaster that will no doubt warm your heart… and, er, totally make you cry like a baby.

As to whether Netflix plans on a Season 2? Well, the jury is still out. However, given the stellar reviews, we totally think it’s a possibility. With that, go grab a blanket and cozy around the TV with your family. Oh, and if you have a dog, you better invite them to join in, too!