Thanksgiving is a time to eat copious amounts of carbs while dodging questions about what you’re doing with your life from your family. It’s also a day to give thanks for wonderful things on the internet. This year, we can all be thankful for one hilarious throwback photo of Colton Underwood. Our new leading man for the upcoming season of The Bachelor shared the prepubescent pic with the caption, “Thank god for puberty,” and we can’t stop laughing.

The popular internet talk show, The Morning Toast, shared the snap of a very young Colton looking all sorts of early 2000s chic. He is maybe in middle school or junior high and has his blonde curls grown out. Pretty amazing stuff.

It’s great to see the ex-football player has a sense of humor about himself. He’ll definitely need it for the upcoming season. One user commented on the photo, “Happy to know you are alive and well. I was concerned after seeing the @BachelorABC preview! I was afraid you broke your neck after the fence jump. I really hope you found happiness. You deserve it!”

The “fence jump” this person is referring to can be seen in the latest trailer for The Bachelor. At the end of the promo, Colton literally catches air instead of feelings when he hurls himself over the gate guarding the mansion while announcing that he’s “f—ing done.”

Colton also admits during the promo that he is looking to “fall in love” and that he wants to be “down on one knee” at the end of the season. That’s a good sign for Bachelor fans. Another major storyline for Colton is his virginity, and it seems like the show will be leaning in full force. A lot of the contestants seem to bring it up and there’s already a lot of talk around fantasy suites. It looks like we’re in for an interesting (and maybe steamy) season!

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