Each trailer for The Bachelor that gets released is like a little breadcrumb of what’s in store come January. The latest teaser is definitely an interesting one. Colton Underwood will make his debut as leading man in the coming months, but is he ready for love? Will he lose his virginity? Will he literally jump a fence to get away from Bachelor Nation (more on this later)? Well, whatever happens, strap in because it looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride.

The new trailer starts off as most do — with Colton completely shirtless. It seems as though the contestants are watching him and squealing at his toned bod. One girl even declared that she will “rub oil on his body.” Get in line behind the 24 other women vying for his love.

Colton then carries on flipping tires and doing some high knees to show just how strong he is. Not going to lie, he is looking even better than he did during his stint on Bachelor in Paradise.

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Of course, Colton’s main storyline is his virginity, and it seems like a lot of girls address it right up front. Colton explains in the trailer, “I am a virgin, but that’s just a small part of who I am.” He also claims that he’s on the journey to “fall in love” and that he wants to be “down on one knee” at the end of the season.

While love and marriage are great, everything seems to always circle back to his virginity. Colton and the contestants toast their champagne to “the fantasy suites,” and Chris Harrison has a discussion with him about “sexual intimacy.” Hmmm…sounds steamy.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the reality show we all know and love without a little drama. The contestants aren’t afraid of confrontation and the trailer shows a lot of yelling and crying.

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Colton is also crying and says, “Every time I put myself out there I get rejected.” I’m not sure I remember him receiving any rejection on Paradise (I’m looking at you, Tia Booth), but maybe he’s referring to Becca or one of the contestants.

The best part is the end. Colton announces that he’s “f—ing done,” and jumps over a fence to escape the Bachelor world. Like, I think they would open it for you? Maybe not, it makes for better TV this way.

Overall, we can’t wait for Colton’s season of The Bachelor. It’s going to be wild.

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