A lot of contestants use Bachelor Nation as a way to leave their traditional jobs behind in exchange for selling vitamins on Instagram and making paid appearances at night clubs and app launches. But Colton Underwood hasn’t had what you would call a “regular job” in a minute now. However, that doesn’t mean his net worth isn’t higher than your average Bachelor‘s! 

How much did Colton earn from playing football?

If there’s one thing fans learned about Colton on The Bachelorette, it’s that he was a football player before quitting to maintain his health. However, that career wasn’t as lucrative as you might think. According to Time, he earned $88,200 in 2014 while playing for the Chargers, and got himself a huge contract with the Raiders in 2016 for $450,000. However, he only actually earned $33,000 from football that year.

How much did Colton earn from his restaurant?

In 2016, Colton opened a sports bar in Washington, IL, named 4th & Goal Grill. That venture didn’t last too long. While it was successful and had very good ratings on Yelp, less than two years later Colton began his run on Bachelorette, BIP, and now The Bachelor. His aunt and uncle had been running the bar for him, and eventually he sold them the place. “He’s been busy with his foundation and couldn’t get back much,” aunt Sherrie Lucas told the Journal Star in April. “So we talked him into selling it to us.” The couple renamed the place Brickhosue BBQ, and it’s no longer a sports bar. It’s unclear how much Colton made off of the sale, but we’re guessing it was a healthy amount.

How much did Colton earn from reality TV?

Contestants on The Bachelorette don’t typically get paid. However, Colton’s emotional speech on the Men Tell All special ended up changing that. After a fan charged him $2 on Venmo for “emotional distress,” and he shared it on Twitter, dozens of women began making requests. After he said he “couldn’t afford” to pay all of them, they began sending him money instead. Overall, he made over $1200, but he promised to give it all to charity, because apparently the talk about not being able to afford it was a lie. 

But his reality TV income didn’t end there. Stars of Bachelor in Paradise get a stipend of up to $15,000 for their short summer vacation. Then there’s his gig on The Bachelor, which could make him up to $100,000 for a few short months of filming and a couple of other obligations. Of course, there’s also the potential to earn money from ads on Instagram. 

How much did Colton earn from his charity?

Colton’s cystic fibrosis charity, the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, is very successful. They claim to have handed out over $100,000 to people in need and research over the last three years, and have made tens of thousands in income. Despite being the president, Colton has not taken a salary for himself. 

So the grand total is…

It’s unclear exactly how much money Colton has or where it’s all coming from, but he’s clearly doing well for himself. CelebrityNetWorth.com claims that his net worth is around $1 million, but does not break down how they got that figure. Still, it doesn’t seem like his future wife needs to worry about finances at all.

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