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Colton Underwood Bachelor engaged


After Today, Colton Underwood Could Be An Engaged Man! ‘The Bachelor’ Is Allegedly Filming The Finale

SPOILER ALERT! For us, Colton Underwood‘s journey on The Bachelor is just beginning (his season doesn’t even start until Jan. 7). For him, it may be coming to a close, which means he could already be engaged! Bachelor Nation blogger, Reality Steve, dished on Twitter that the finale was being shot on Nov. 15 in Mallorca, a beach town located on an island off the coast of Spain. If all went according to plan, that means Colton Underwood popped the question to one of the contestants.

Keep in mind, just because they reportedly filmed the finale doesn’t mean everything went how you may think; a lot of seasons have not gone the way originally predicted (I’m looking at you, Arie and Lauren). Host Chris Harrison hasn’t told us that this “will be the most dramatic season ever” yet, but how could it not be?

Even Chris admitted to People Now that he is “excited to find out if this will even work.” Colton had commitment issues during his stint on Bachelor in Paradise, which has raised a lot of questions wondering how his season will go. “Is he ready? Does he really want to propose? Is he at that stage in his life? We’re going to find out,” Chris teased. One question: What does he have to lose? That’s ABC’s cheesy tagline, not mine. Now I might lose my lunch.

The ex-football player received some backlash when he was chosen as the leading man this season, but Chris Harrison promised that he would make for a wild ride. “Colton, you have to understand gives us what we felt was the best TV,” the host said. “And that’s what we’re doing; we’re trying to entertain, we’re trying to tell a story.” I’m really counting on you for this, Chris.

Colton’s Bachelor contestants have already been (mostly) revealed and the cast list includes a lot of beauty queens, blondes, and photogenic gals. Looks like we’ll have some big personalities as well, so get ready. Will this really be the most dramatic season ever? For the sake of our Monday nights, I sure hope so.

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