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‘Bachelor’ Contestant Hannah Godwin Is Already A Front-Runner On Colton’s Season

It’s almost that time of year! No, not the holidays — The Bachelor returns in January 2019 and we could not be more excited. Let’s take a look at one of the girls from Colton Underwood’s season that reportedly steals his heart. Here are five fast facts about Hannah Godwin, but beware, there are spoilers ahead!

She’s A Model, But It Wasn’t Always On Her Radar

Hannah has been modeling since 2013, but she didn’t intend to pursue that at all. According to her blog, “I was never destined to be a ‘model.’ I had braces until like 10th grade, darker hair, zero clue about makeup, and had only participated in MySpace photoshoots with my friends. But really, any of peers from high school are probably as shocked as I am that I do modeling now.”

She Went To School For Photography But Then Majored In Business Marketing

She went to school to study photography, and then changed her major to business marketing after seeing all of the cool things that happened behind the scenes while on photo shoots. After Instagram took off, she was able to combine her love for modeling, photography, and fashion and now she is an influencer—she even has 40,000 followers!

She’s Close Friends With Danielle Maltby, Who Was On The Bachelor

Hannah probably has gotten advice from former contestant, Danielle Maltby, who appeared on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise. Danielle posted a picture of the two of them on her Instagram last year.

She Already Knows Two Contestants On This Season

It’s rare that you go into the Bachelor Mansion knowing anyone, but according to Reality Steve, Hannah knows not one, but two contestants, Hannah Brown and Annie Reardon. Fans are speculating that they will either end up fighting or the three of them will make their own clique. Either way, we know there will be drama.

She Gets The First Impression Rose

Reality Steve has reported that Hannah gets the first impression rose. While there isn’t too much information other than that, it sounds like Hannah will not be the bad guy this season. Red Dress Boutique, a company she models for, defended her on Twitter. They said, “There is no way she’s the villain. She’s basically a real life Cinderella. She is the kindest human with a huge heart. We’ve never heard a mean word from her and that’s like finding a unicorn in our industry.”

Hannah makes it to hometown dates, according to Reality Steve, so there’s a chance she might even be Colton’s future wife. Ugh, January can’t come soon enough!

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