Awkward! Colton Underwood may have proven he has trouble making up his mind on Bachelor in Paradise, but one of his contestants on The Bachelor may have made his choice a little bit easier… by dumping him and sending herself home! Watch out, folks, there are spoilers ahead.

The alleged dumper is already a familiar face. Annie Reardon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show just one day before filming for the new season of The Bachelor began, and on Oct. 2, Reality Steve reported that she quit the show.

“She’s been home a week now and even had these choice words about Colton and the women,” wrote Steve in a tweet. “Oh social media can really come back to bite you.” He also included a photo of Annie that appears to be from her personal Snapchat, where she’s wearing a neck pillow. She captioned the shot, “when you dump the Bachelor bc he’s weird as s–t and are headed back to normal, happy life without psycho people.” 

Dang. To be honest, her initial appearance on Ellen kind of revealed how Annie felt about Colton. When asked what she finds most attractive about him, she couldn’t even name a physical or personality trait, simply that he “likes dogs.” We’re not sure that’s enough to build a relationship out of.

Ellen DeGeneres Show

It’s unclear what kind of drama Annie experienced in the Bachelor house that made her feel like her fellow contestants were “psycho,” but we can’t wait to watch it all unfold when the new season begins in January! 

Many people expected Annie to be a frontrunner since we met her early on and she was extra-adorable, but it was actually a different girl that captured Colton’s attention on Night 1. A beautiful girl named Hannah Godwin took Colton’s first impression rose, and we’re willing to bet she’ll stick around a lot longer.

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