How the heck did Benoît Beauséjour-Savard get dragged into this?! The day of the Bachelor in Paradise finale on Sept. 10, texts allegedly from Jenna Cooper surfaced that made it look like she was cheating on her fiancé Jordan Kimball. Somehow, fans are now blaming co-star Benoît for the breakup, even though there’s literally no reason to believe he had anything to do with it. Now, he’s giving Life & Style his exclusive reaction.

“I received so much hate about this and I don’t get it,” Benoît told Life & Style. “I would never ever hurt anyone like this. Whatever people are saying, I’m 100% out of the twist she is talking about. I just want to move on.” And, to be honest, we never really thought he was involved. Benoît has proven to be one of the nicest guys in Bachelor Nation, ever since we fell in love with him on Bachelor Winter Games


Benoît went on one date with Jenna on the show, after she had already started dating Jordan. While he really liked her, Jordan was able to convince her to stay with him and break things off with Benoît. Obviously, Benoît was sad, but he stayed cool, calm, and collected, and was nothing but respectful in the aftermath. Unfortunately he didn’t stay much longer, and ended up going home. 

Flash forward several months, and Jenna has been trying to prove that she never cheated on Jordan. On Oct. 1, she posted this: “the forensic analysis of my electronic devices and iCloud account prove that the fraudulent text messages posted by ‘Reality’ Steve were not mine. There is growing and compelling evidence pointing to who was behind this attack on me, and it is very sad. One thing is for sure, there is a huge twist.”

Many people thought she was insinuating that Jordan somehow set her up, but for some reason, others speculated that Benoît was behind it.  “I bet it’s Benoît!!” said a commenter on Instagram. “Plot twist: it was Benoît because he is in love with you,” agreed another. Benoît, mind you, lives in Canada and seemingly hasn’t seen Jenna since the BIP finale, yet some people really believe he made fake texts just to punish her. He says, of course, that this is ridiculous.

“I was genuinely happy for them that they found love on the show,” he continued. “Even though Jordan and I had our differences, I don’t want to cause them pain. I just want to see them smile together like they were on the reunion show. I actually wish that they will fix their things and get back together.” Only time will tell, but we wish them all the best!

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