The Bachelor bandit strikes again! Country music bad boy Chris Lane performed during Nick Viall and Danielle Lombard‘s one-on-one date during Season 21 of The Bachelor. While Nick sent D.Lo home after the date, it seems she caught Chris’ attention, because on Sept. 27 she claimed that he slid into her DMs after the show! 

The Bachelor beauty, who also starred on Bachelor in Paradise as part of Dean Unglert’s infamous love triangle, went on Reality Steve‘s podcast, and he didn’t miss an opportunity to catch Chris red-handed. “I must ask you this, since that night has Chris Lane ever texted you or slid into your DMs?” asked Steve.

“Um, he does not have my number, but he has definitely been in the DMs,” said D.Lo. She also admitted that she’s exchanged Chris stories with her former co-stars. “I mean, with the girls that I’m close to, we tell each other everything. So I was like ‘oh look who messaged me.'”

Steve went on to ask how Chris broke the ice, wondering if he reminded her that he was the performer on her date with Nick. “Yeah, the first time he messaged me, he said something to that extent,” she said. Excuse us… “first time”?! But don’t worry, no matter how many DMs Chris has sent, Danielle has never gone out with him. “I’ve never even seen him after our one-on-one date,” she promised, laughing.

Unfortunately, Chris has developed a reputation in Bachelor Nation. Reality Steve says it’s “unbelievable how many women from this franchise he has not even just slid into the DMs but hooked up with,” and Danielle said “yeah.” Chris’ love affair with the show goes way back. In 2015, he tweeted, “Guilty pleasure: I’m a bachelor/bachelorette fan, would’ve liked seeing @Nikki_Ferrell this season!” 

It seems like Chris is still single, judging by the fact that he photoshops emoji girls into many of his Instagram photos. Luckily he’ll soon have a new pool of girls to DM… Colton Underwood’s contestants!

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