A major moment! TikTok star and influencer Dylan Mulvaney debuted her new look after undergoing facial feminization surgery in late 2022.

“Facial feminization part 1,” Dylan, 26, captioned her post via Instagram on Friday, January 27, along with a check mark emoji. Of course, it didn’t take long for fans to start flooding the comments section with positive words. “Beautiful Dylan!” one user wrote. “This is INCREDIBLE!!! so beautiful and confident!!” added another.

Ahead of the big reveal, Dylan best known for her beloved “Days of Girlhood” series on TikTok, shared an important message with her millions of followers about facial feminization surgery as it pertains to the trans community. “A friendly reminder as we start the new year: Not all trans people desire affirming surgeries or hormones. They are still trans. But when we do, it’s a necessity and a win. Please show up for all trans people the way you’ve showed up for me,” Dylan wrote via Instagram, along with a photo of her bandaged face.

TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Debuts Results From Facial Feminization Surgery
Courtesy of Dylan Mulvaney/Instagram

Additionally, the actress took the time to reflect on her rise to fame. “I somehow managed to publicly transition while simultaneously finding success and I still don’t fully know how it’s all come together but I’m proud of the strength and softness I’ve shown,” Dylan expressed, adding that she’s “the happiest” she’s “been in a long time.”

Despite having countless adoring fans, Dylan is no stranger to online hate and transphobia, but she doesn’t let that stop her from sharing her story. “I just constantly have to check in with myself and say, ‘Dylan, are you doing what you want to do? Are you looking the way you want to today?’ Sometimes I show myself not all dolled up, and that feels beautiful and vulnerable because I think there is a stigma, with trans women in particular, about always looking as feminine as possible,” the comedian told E! News in a June 2022 interview. “I want to open people’s minds to see women in a different light.”

As for Dylan’s support system outside of the internet, her “super-conservative” and “very Catholic” family has come to understand her platform.

“Ultimately they’ve all voiced to me that they see what I’m doing is for good. And they know that, no matter my gender or what I’m doing on the Internet, my heart and intentions are good,” she explained in the same interview.

“One of my family’s biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t find success as a trans person or I wouldn’t find love, or I would face quite a bit of hate,” Dylan added. “What my family is seeing now is that the world has cast this safety blanket over me and is choosing to cherish me.”