It looks like all of that “forensic analysis” was for nothing! Jenna Cooper revealed on Sept. 26 that she had proof that she didn’t cheat on Bachelor in Paradise fiancé Jordan Kimball, and she was getting ready to show him the evidence. However, two days later, all signs point to a permenant breakup, and Jordan even threw a little shade. 

On Sept 27, Jordan took to Instagram Stories to show off his singing chops… blasting the song “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake. If you’re not familiar (how could you not be?) the song is about Justin catching his girlfriend cheating and not really caring how upset she feels when he dumps her for it. Sound like a familiar situation? It seems like despite Jenna’s “facts,” Jordan still doesn’t believe her.


And for her part, it seems like Jenna has given up on trying to fix things with Jordan. After weeks of saying she would prove her innocence and get him back, she finally wiped her Instagram of all of their photos together (which Jordan did himself right after the cheating allegations) and unfollowed her former boo. 

However, Jordan’s jabs don’t seem to have gotten to Jenna too much. The blonde bombshell took to Instagram Stories herself to shake it off… with some avocado toast. “It’s a new day,” she wrote on the pic. “And I’m back!”


Just two days earlier, Jenna was convinced that she could win Jordan back after having data extracted from her phone. “The results from the forensic analysis are in, and I feel compelled to share them with Jordan before anyone else,” she posted. “Despite what some people have said, I have denied all of these false allegations from the beginning, and I am reiterating that I never cheated on Jordan, there is no ‘sugar daddy,’ I was not faking my feelings towards Jordan on the show, and that I never made or sent those fake texts posted by [Reality Steve.] Looks like it’s all water uner the bridge now, huh?

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