It’s been the talk of Bachelor Nation ever since he opened up about it on The Bachelorette: Colton Underwood’s virginity. Some people think it’s a good thing, others think it’s a bad thing. Then there’s former Bachelor in Paradise star Corinne Olympios, who thinks it’s a straight-up lie! 

“How do you think Colton will do as the next Bachelor?” asked interviewer Domenick Nati on his podcast. “I don’t know,” Corinne sighed. “I just have some insincere feelings I get from him, so, we’ll see how that pans out.” 

“Do you think that he’s really a virgin, or do you think it’s all an act?” Dom asked. “I do think that that was a lie,” she insisted. “I don’t know why, but I just don’t buy it.”

Corinne isn’t the only person to suggest that Colton might be lying about his past sexual experience. Fans on Twitter have been buzzing about it for a while, finding it hard to believe that a sexy 26-year-old football player could possibly not have slept with anyone. “I don’t even believe Colton is a virgin?‍,” said one. Another agreed, writing, “There is NO SHAME in saving yourself for the right time/person/marriage. I just don’t believe Colton is actually a virgin.”

However, the question could be put to bed on The Bachelor, as reports claim that Colton would be willing to have sex on the show, if he felt ready and found the right girl. At least then we would know for sure, though The Bachelor is known for using tricky editing to make things happen when they really didn’t: like when they insinuated that Raven Gates and Nick Viall slept together when they didn’t. 

Regardless of the virginity issue, some people will just never be happy with Colton as the Bachelor because they had their hearts set on someone else. That includes Corinne. “I liked Blake a lot,” said Corinne. “I totally think that it should have been Blake.” Welp, it’s too late now so it’s time to hope on the Colton train!

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