Did Dylan Sprouse just come for Jared Leto on Twitter? It sure looks like it. The former Disney Channel star accused the Oscar-winning actor of hitting on young models on the social media platform — and he wasn’t alone.

“Yo @JaredLeto now that you’ve slid into the dm’s of every female model aged 18-25, what would you say your success rate is?” Dylan shadily asked. Shortly after, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn joined the conversation, adding, “He starts at 18 on the Internet?” So, is James implying that Jared has been involved with underaged girls?

Fans were clearly confused by the seemingly random Twitter feud but this is not the first time Jared has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. In 2015, James Gunn apologized for accusing the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman of sleeping with underage girls, blaming the sleeping medication Ambien for the comments. However, anonymous accusations of sexual misconduct has surfaced against Jared online for years.

In one Tumblr post, a groupie alleged that she had sex with Jared when she was just 15 years old. “I felt as though I was being raped and not even a ‘play rape.’ In his mind, it seemed like he thought he was f–king raping me. It was very odd.” In another groupie forum, another woman revealed, “I lost all respect for Jared Leto after I met too many teenage girls who have been approached by Jared in order to sleep with them, he’s just another ‘rockstar’ who lets his ego get to his head so he can take advantage of young girls. He even hit on my 15 year old best friend. He’s no better than Roman Polanski in my eyes.”

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One alleged victim was just 17 years old when she met Jared. “I can say Jared was my first for many sexual experiences and I wholeheartedly regret it nowadays. He was very pushy into coercing me to do sexual acts with him and he was quite rough and forceful,” she wrote. “So having spent time with him I couldn’t say he’s into S&M or that he’s a sadist and enjoys hurting women… it just will always hurt whenever I see Jared Leto on TV or in a magazine, I just see the man who took advantage of my innocence and pressured me into things sexually that I’d never done and wasn’t ready to do at that time.”

Jared has yet to respond to Dylan or any of the allegations.