In the latest issue of Life & Style, My So-Called Life crew members are exclusively opening up for the first time ever about co-stars Jared Leto and Claire Danes’ chemistry — both on and off screen.

“Claire was very young,” My So-Called Life makeup artist Isabel Har­kins reveals. “But I really think she had a super crush on Jared.”

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Claire’s feelings for Jared led to some uncomfortable situations, especially when it was time for her character Angela to lock lips with the dreamy ob­ject of her affection for the first time.

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“We knew it was Claire’s first kiss, too,” co-producer Moni­ca Wyatt explains. “There was a lot of excite­ment and nervousness. Jar­ed was so sexy and intense. It was a great first kiss.”

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But the romance was strict­ly in the script for Jared, who was 21 at the time of filming. “He kind of kept to himself,” hairstylist Can­dy Walken adds. “He felt like he was an adult and so he didn’t really hang out with the kids [on the set].”

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