Don’t mess with Chris Randone‘s family! The former Bachelor in Paradise villain proved that there’s more to him on Oct. 2, when he defended his sister, who is a lesbian, against homophobic Instagram haters. 

“I’m a bit bothered and disappointed by a comment I saw today on an Instagram photo of my family [and] fiancée,” he wrote. Just one day earlier he shared an adorable photo of Krystal Nielsen posing alongside his mom, and sisters Jena and Gia, with the caption, “Now I have four special women in my life ❤️.”

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Now I have 4 special women in my life ❤️

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“Someone referenced my little sister as ‘that girl is gay as f–k,'” he continued. “That girl is my sweet 17-year-old sister who had the courage to come out and share her identity to her family at a young age. That girl represents gender equality. That girl helps show that the LGBT community needs more advocates that can share the importance of not making fun of or discriminating against someone because of their gender preference with relationships. That girl is @giapintado_ and she is [an] amazing woman, my sister, and a lesbian that I love dearly.” We’re not crying, you are! 

Chris went on to explain that, “as a family we’re very proud of @giapintado_. She will and always will have our support. We love you. Never be scared to share how you feel when it comes to liking the same gender. It’s unfortunate the times we live in where [disgusting] and inappropriate things are said without realization of how hurt someone can become from these words.”


His mom Michelle Randone also seemed to send support to her youngest child, putting this message on her Instagram Stories: “be an encourager, the world has enough critics already.” Gia herself shared Chris’ message of support on her own Instagram stories. 

It so sweet to see Chris being so defensive and supportive of his family, especially since they’ve been so supportive of his BIP journey. His mom has even become best friends with Krystal’s mom, and has opened her heart to her new soon-to-be-daughter-in-law. We can’t wait to watch their family grow! 

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