We’re still four months away from the season premiere of The Bachelor, and the spoilers are already rolling in! On Sept. 24, reports surfaced as to who Colton Underwood gives his first impression rose to — the receiver of which often goes on to win the whole shebang! Obviously, there are major spoilers ahead, so continue reading if you just can’t wait until January

On Sept. 20, we got to meet three of Colton’s contestants on The Ellen DeGeneres Show… but apparently meeting him before the rest of the girls didn’t help them make any more of an impression! Colton began filming his season just one day later on Sept. 21, according to Us Weekly, and a different girl caught his eye early on. According to Reality Steve, Colton chose a girl by the name of Hannah Godwin.

Hannah is actually a friend of Danielle Maltby, who fought for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor, and appeared on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Here’s a photo of the pair together (which, btw, Hannah is freaking beautiful):

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Brunchfest of champions 😋

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So, who is Hannah Godwin? Well, she’s a social media influencer with over 50k Instagram followers, and she currently lives in Alabama, though she did spend a few months living in Los Angeles, according to her website. “Modeling stumbled across my path in 2013 and I’ve been doing it ever since,” she wrote. “I’ve combined modeling with photography to become an influencer, so that’s how that happened.” 

She describes herself as “spontaneous, carefree, and a lil’ all over the place,” and while some fans on Twitter have speculated that she’ll become the show’s villain after getting the first impression rose, her employer Red Dress (a fashion company that you may remember from Shark Tank) insists that’s impossible.

“There is no way she’s the villain,” the company tweeted. “She’s basically a real-life Cinderella. She is the kindest human with a huge heart. We’ve never heard a mean word from her and that’s like finding a unicorn in our industry.” Another of her co-workers sang her praises, being quoted by the company as saying, “well that’s going to be an easy season. As soon as she got out of the limo I’d be like here take all the roses… show’s over ?.”

There is a tiny bit of controversy surrounding Hannah already, and that’s because RS reports that she already knows fellow contestants Hannah Brown and Annie Reardon. It’s rare that contestants on the show already know each other, unless producers intentionally planned for the acquaintances to create drama, a la Whaboom and Blake from Rachel Lindsay‘s season. For that reason, fans speculate that they’ll either end up fighting, or ganging up against the other girls, unless producers weren’t aware of the connection at all when they casted them.

We know what you’re thinking: since Hannah G. got the first rose, does that mean she’ll ultimately win Colton’s heart? Not necessarily. While several of the recent bachelorettes went on to get engaged to their first impression rose recipient, the bachelors don’t typically follow that trend. Perhaps women just have better instincts! Either way, we’re sure Hannah will be around for a while, so we can’t wait to get to know her better! 

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