Everyone who watched The Bachelorette knows that Colton Underwood has only had one “real girlfriend,” and he insisted it wasn’t even serious enough to bring her home to meet his family. Well, we also know that girlfriend was Olympic athlete Aly Raisman, who he courted on social media and dated from 2016-2017. Now that Colton has been announced as The Bachelor, we’re looking at her 2017 memoir Fierce with fresh eyes, and it lowkey seems like she’s calling out her ex in it!

“A professional athlete I’d been talking to for a while had invited me to visit him and watch one of his games — and after the debacle at Worlds, I figured I could use a distraction,” Aly, 24, explained in a 2017 quote from the book first noticed by Radar. “Saturday went well. The guy was attentive and fun, and we seemed to be having a good time. But when I met him Sunday after his game, he had turned into a completely different person.” 


Aly and Colton smooch in Jan. 2017. (Credit: Getty Images)

She went on to explain that she tried to change the radio station, and he snapped at her not to touch the dial. “I thought he was joking, so I continued to reach for the stereo buttons. ‘I’m not kidding — don’t touch it,’ he said sharply. ‘I just played a game, and you just sat and watched. You haven’t done anything today. So we’re going to listen to this sports station. I want to hear what they say about me.’”

“I sat silently for the rest of the car ride. I couldn’t wait to get out,” she wrote. “I felt embarrassed, but also angry that I had traveled to see someone who treated me so disrespectfully.” On top of that, he was “glued to his phone,” ignored her during their dinner, and he “hardly said goodbye” when she left. 

The timeframe for this date was October 2015, which is before she officially started dating Colton, 26, so it’s definitely possible that she was talking about someone else, but the quotes are suspicious since she hasn’t been tied to any other professional athletes. 

Fans have been suspicious of Colton for some time now, and have begged Aly to speak out. One red flag is the fact that Colton told Becca Kufrin he never brought a girl home before, but fans discovered a photo of Aly wearing matching PJs with his family at their Colorado cabin over the holidays. We’ll just have to wait and see how he turns out as Bachelor

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