Looking back, Sean Lowe is one of the most fan-favorite Bachelors of all time, not to mention the only one to come out of leading the show with a lasting relationship. It seems like Bachelor producers are hoping to recreate that magic with Colton Underwood, and judging by how many things these dudes have in common, we don’t blame them! 

They both lead the show as virgins… sort of. 

Colton has been super open, ever since he was a contestant on Becca Kufrin’s season of Bachelorette, about how he’s still a virgin at 26 years old. However, he wasn’t the first in the franchise marketed as “The Virgin Bachelor.” Nope, that was Sean. Even though Sean wasn’t really a virgin. 

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Sean revealed that he had chosen to be celibate at 24 years old after feeling “guilty” whenever he had sex. Him and his now-wife Catherine chose to wait until their wedding to make love, and now they’re parents to two beautiful boys!

Colton enjoyed joking about this with Sean. When the news of Colton being the star broke, Sean tweeted, “I’m bummed about The Bachelor decision too. I asked ABC to choose me again but this time cast 25 puppies instead of women. They told me to stop calling them. Also, I’m sure @Colt3FIVE will do great.” Colton responded, “Virgins unite! Also, don’t tempt me with puppies like that.” Then Sean clapped back, “Just so we’re clear, I’ve had sex with my wife since getting married. But, I get your point. Good luck dude!”

They both looove social media.

Colton is easily one of the most active members of Bachelor Nation on social media. He’s always commenting something silly on his pals’ Instagram photos, tweeting his opinions, and teasing other stars. He has a pretty big following at nearly 750k Insta followers.

Sean is also well known for his social media mayhem. His tweets are unparalleled in their hilarity and relatableness. He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, and almost 1 million followers on Twitter, and they all tune in to see what new funny story he has to share about his sons, or what amazing response he has to Bachelor Nation drama.

They both played football.

Colton was Mr. Football on Bachelorette this year, which makes sense since he played for the San Diego Chargers and also slayed as a tight end in college at Illinois State. Sadly, he was forced to retire after an injury. But did you know Sean also played ball? In college, he recieved a football scholarship to Kansas State University, where he played in a Big 12 championship game in 2003. 

They both take their charitable causes very seriously. 

If you’ve ever looked at Colton’s Instagram, you know he’s very passionate about his Legacy Foundation, a charity he created to help fight Cystic Fibrosis, which his cousin Harper has. 

Sean is also very committed to his cause, I Am Second, which is an evangelical social media moviement all about encouraging people to “put Jesus first.” Sean is a devout Christian. 

Bachelor producers may have specifically picked him for those reasons.

When Reality Steve first reported that Colton would be the next Bach, he said, “My thoughts are Sean Lowe has been their only successful Bachelor. They must feel Colton is the closest thing they’ll get to Sean. Character, morals, no shady past, etc. Sean 2.0. Here we go.” But is he ready? Only time will tell!

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