They may have just announced their divorce on Thursday, Feb. 21, but Josh Brolin had nothing bad to say about Diane Lane during a press interview for his film Gangster Squad.

"She's a very strong woman, extremely strong," the 45-year-old actor said when an Entertainment Tonight host referred to Diane.

He also explained how he and the actress, 48, were able to keep their marriage together despite being in the industry.

"We're not really in the spotlight. I mean, we are in times like this [junket interview], but you know, there's one light. We just do our own thing, and we always have," he said, adding, "And we're not in L.A. all the time, we're up north a lot of the time where I grew up, so, you know, you just do what you do. You don't play up into the hype so much."

NEWS: Diane Lane and Josh Brolin split after 8 years of marriage

But all of that just wasn't enough for the pair's relationship. After eight years of marriage, Josh and Diane called it quits. 

It's been quite a winding road for the couple. Just before the ball dropped on New Years Eve, the Men In Black III star was arrested and held for public intoxication. He was later released without charge. 

The following day, he was seen without his wedding ring in Venice, Calif., and shortly after that, Diane appeared at the Palm Springs Film Festival solo.

"It's just invigorating to be around him," she said about Josh in 2008. "[He] completes me because I'm so attracted to his otherness."

While the pair do not have any children together, Josh has two kids from his former marriage to Alice Adair and Diane has a daughter from her marriage to Christopher Lambert.