After months of listening to Grayson beg, Todd Chrisley finally caved and bought his son a puppy — and she's so cute! The Chrisley Knows Best star may have gone against his wife Julie's wishes, but we think it was for a good cause. I mean, just look at her! And although it's been a while since Todd got the pup, fans still have questions about Dixie — like what kind of dog she is!

While we can't say for sure, eagle-eyed fans have been putting on their detective hats, with many coming to the conclusion that she's a Maltipoo. "My Maltipoo looked just like Dixie," one commenter wrote on a video posted of Dixie last month. "So cute." Another added, "Such an adorable doggie. Is it a Maltipoo?"

On the episode — which aired Nov. 2 — Todd begged Chase (that is, paid him) to train Dixie while he and Savannah prepped for a softball game. Unfortunately, Chase didn't have much luck whipping Dixie into shape! She ended up peeing on the floor — but after receiving only bare-bones instructions, we can't say we're too surprised.

Recently, fans have also been having a lot of questions when it comes to Todd's money, er, lack thereof. Though Todd amassed his wealth through real estate, in recent years, he lost everything — and his net worth was actually listed at -$5 million (yes, that's a negative sign). But various reports say the former mogul is bouncing back from bankruptcy, which he filed for in 2012. “He guaranteed a real estate development loan and it failed,” his attorney, Robert Furr, told People magazine a few years ago about his troubling financial history. “He was on the hook for $30 million. If he hadn’t had that happen, he would have been fine.” Yikes — unfortunately, it sounds like another pup isn't in the budget at the moment! But we're sure that's A-OK with Julie.