Leslie Bibb From ‘Popular’ Is in a New Netflix Original — but What About the Rest of the Cast?

Before it became The CW, The WB was home to tons of memorable teen TV shows, and if you were a youngster back then, you’ll definitely recall the show Popular. Curious to see where the cast is now?

For those unfamiliar, the hit show, which premiered in 1999 and was created by Ryan Murphy, followed two cliques of friends, the “popular” crew and the “unpopular” crew, as they battled high school, heartache, and the wrath of Mary Cherry. It was canceled prematurely after only two seasons, causing the actors to seek work elsewhere.

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You’ve probably seen Leslie Bibb lately, who played Brooke. Her most recent role is as Megan on the new Netflix original movie, To The Bone. She stars alongside Lily Collins as a woman suffering with an eating disorder who’s checked into a treatment facility. The movie came out last Friday, and it’s already got people buzzing online.

leslie bibb popular american housewives

She also appears in the ABC sitcom American Housewife, but fans still remember her as “that cheerleader” from the show.

“Oh my God, people loved Popular — even though we were young and dumb and had no idea what we were doing,” she said in 2013. “It was like an early Glee, without the singing. [Ryan Murphy] was so smart and provocative to tackle issues that kids were really dealing with. It wasn’t even that long ago, but people didn’t talk about those things on TV. Gay men and lesbians still come up and tell me how much the show meant to them.”

Check out our gallery to see what the stars from the show are doing today.

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