Lamar Odom hasn't been seen or heard from in a few weeks, but that won't stop Khloé Kardashian from getting her divorce — if that's what she really wants.

Although the 30-year-old filed papers 10 months ago, the former NBA player has yet to submit his own response, making matters for the reality star way more difficult.

"He needs to sign papers and he won't," a source close to the Kardashian family reveals. "He disappears here and there, and she can't find him. She just wants to move on."

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But where there's a will, there's a way, and according to papers filed by a Los Angeles Superior Court Family judge, Khloé has a few options if she can't get in touch with Lamar.

She can either Request to Enter a Default, which is used when a spouse who has been served fails to respond within 30 days or cannot be located.

OR, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashiams" star can file a Request For Dismissal if both she and Lamar decide to cancel the divorce proceedings altogether.

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If she is granted a Default, the entrepreneur can move on with the divorce — with or without Lamar.

"As long as there are no properties or children between the two parties, one person can't stop the other from getting the divorce just by not showing up," a California divorce attorney tells People magazine.

In her initial filing, Khloé did not request any spousal support from her husband, but she did ask that he not be granted any financial support from her. The filing came after reports surfaced the athlete was abusing drugs.

Tell us what you think: Will Khloé continue with the divorce on her own, or will Lamar reappear before then? Hit us up in the comments.