The Kardashians (as much as we hate to admit it) have sort of become America's version of the royal family. We know everything about them, their lives are plagued with drama, and we all personally relate to at least one of them. After all, for 10 years now, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has given us an up-close and personal view of the family and their many quirks. From chill homebodies like Kourtney Kardashian to attention-starved extroverts like Kim Kardashian, the massive family covers a surprising range of personality types. And whether you're a fan of the show or just a horrified bystander, you've probably wondered at least once, which Kardashian are you? Are you cute and natural like Kendall Jenner or an over-the-top trendsetter like Kylie Jenner?

If these are the thoughts that keep you up at night (although that would be kind of weird), you're in luck. We created a flowchart quiz to help answer that epic universal question we've all had. Does Kylie speak to your inner soul? Or does Kim reflect your inner most character? Take our handy flowchart quiz below to find out:

which kardashian are you

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In case you're wondering where's Rob Kardashian, we intentionally left him off. Besides being reclusive, a trait directly linked to his battle with anxiety and depression, we couldn't think of a humorous way to incorporate him that wouldn't poke fun at his real issues, and we're not here to make light of anything he has gone through. So sorry, Rob! We were also seriously thinking of including North and Kanye West, but figured we should stay loyal to the original KUWTK crew.

And so now you're probably thinking, "Well then why'd you leave out Caitlyn Jenner?" Touché, dear reader. Touché. But honestly, we just straight-up forgot. Considering the majority of the family has severed all ties from her, we don't really consider her a central part of the family unit anymore. It's kind of sad, but what are you going to do? Hey, they're not our family. Although it certainly feels like it sometimes. After all, we should know — we're totally a Khloé.