This year, there was a lot more to talk about than just “who are you wearing” at the Golden Globes red carpet. So, in an effort to turn the conversation to the topics that truly mattered, nearly every man, who, and child star in attendance opted to wear all black, in a message of solidarity about the rampant sexual harassment in the industry.

There were, of course, a few exceptions; get to know the people who opted not to wear black and make a statement in telling the world — Time’s Up!

Blanca Blanco

blanco blanco

The California-based actress joined actor John Savage on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, where she was called out for not only forgoing an all-black attire, but also all undergarments. She hasn’t made any statements in regards to her fashion choice, which has been met with essentially universal criticism.

Barbara Meiers

barbara meiers

The model definitely had heads turning when she showed up in a pale pink, glittery gown on the red carpet. She later explained on Instagram that she felt the best way to stand up against sexism was to express her individuality as a woman.

“A lot of women will wear black tonight in support of the Time’s Up moment! I think this is a great and extremely important intiative,” she wrote. “Nevertheless, I decided to wear a colorful dress tonight. If we want this to be the Golden Globes of the strong women who stand up for their rights, I think, it’s the wrong way to not wear any sexy clothes anymore or let people take away our joy of showing our personlity through fashion.”

She continued, in a message seemingly translated from her native German, “We were fighting a long time for the freedom to wear what we want to and that is also okay, to ress up a little more sexy. If we restrict this, because some men can’t control themselves, this is a huge step back in my opinion.”

Meher Tatna

mehra tatna

Tatna, the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, surprised viewers when she took the stage. Though she was sporting a Time’s Up pin, she shocked many in her colorful ensemble, which seemed to clash with the organization’s overall message. However, while on the carpet, Tatna — who is of Indian descent — explained that it is against her culture to wear black, unless you are mourning. Still, she stated ahead of the show, “I am totally in solidarity with them.”